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Another way of Dealing with Unwanted SPAM ezines, Newsletters, promos to your email

We have looked at how to deal and get rid of those annoying Facebook Notifications that seems to fill up your mailbox any time you open it. I hope you have put that to action? If not, go check out last month's postings on this blog and go find the title. But if you live in your briefcase and want it on the go, two words; spam it.
But there is another aspect of unwanted solicitations from sites that we want to deal with. There is a premise for this because some might look at the title of this article and wonder why we have to sign up to something we don't want in the first place? Several reasons:

• We signed up, we thought we "might" want it or we thought we needed it. Don't be shocked if a majority of people fall under this banner. But as it turned out, it was not what they were looking for but now they are stuck with ezines coming in daily or weekly. Did I hear you say unsubscribe? Read the next bullet point.

• They lied to us. They assured us that they would not release our emails to a third party but you suddenly notice that ever since you signed up you have been getting some funny and strange emails that you did not sign up for and are more or less spam emails.
Some only told us that might release your emails to partners. What they did not say was that their "partners" equaled half of Asia in population. Some actually traded with their email lists and your mail happened to be in the list. 

• Besides, have you never tried unsubscribing and it just didn't, or am I the only one that such has happened to? And one thing with this is that even if they say they have "removed your mail from their list"; just know that it is the primary ezine/promo you initially signed up for that you might stop receiving (if you are lucky). The fact is your mail is still on their list and they will still trade with it and you will still be getting funny and strange emails.

Your Problem Solver is Here
Now that we have gotten the why did you subscribe to them in the first place outadaway, let your trusty solution finder, your problem solver, your code breaker, your.....(rambling...).

What to Do
Create Your Own Spam Email Collector
What is a Spam Email?
It is an email specifically created to "give" to sites you know next to nothing about, you just want to try out, or you suspect will open the floodgates of ezines/promos and sell you to the highest bidder without blinking.
Why do you set it up?
Really? Is that a question or are you just joining the conversation?
You set it up just to keep it handy for such sites or even people. This is quite an interesting question (come to think of it). Do you remember how you use to wish some people did not know your address or phone number? Or how you see some and only want to meet or come across them on the way to somewhere but never near where you are coming from or where you are going? Or how some people will ask you for your room number/phone number/ dorm/ faculty/name and its as if an invisible hands just wrapped its finger round your throat and you grimace because you don't want to ( I mean; you can't) say a word? Well, this is what the spam email is for.
-it is the wrong address.
- it is the wrong room number/phone number/ dorm/ faculty/name.
- it is uhuru.
- it is freedom.
Do you like Create your own Spam Email?
Only if you dropped out from university and own a fortune 500 company, or maybe Yahoo is selling and you buy a piece of digital property.
Take any typical free email service, use Gmail (they always have this ticker that snickers at how they have weight issues and increasing in size and are proud about it). Sign up a new free email account and let it always be handy so that you can give the creep "your" email address rather than you Blackberry PIN.

The Good News
You can use it to go through the initial process of signing up for sites and if the site is any good, all you then have to do is log on and change your email settings.

Like if sites were guys (let's not say they a re clingy girls), and you don't know whether you should invite them home or not; why risk it? Give them the Spam email and if they are any good, invite them to your home (primary email).