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About two years ago (maybe one), I posted a job on Fiverr.com offering a service of becoming an “online muse”. The job did not make it past their vetting process.
Fast forward to present times, there are possibly thousands of people doing a shade of this in one way or the other (not necessarily on fiverr). There are people who make good money by chatting with others online. Some of the different shades it comes in include:
Virtual Assistant
This has a degree of respectability attached to it. A personal assistant is something that anyone with a full desk would wish for at any given time. But it used to be expensive and still is, depending on the job description. However, the internet has made it possible to democratize the use of personal assistants and hiring them. It is now obviously cheaper to have your personal assistant. The ‘virtual’ nature of the job does not diminish its effectiveness especially for those who operate in fields where the assistant does not really need to be physically present in order to be effective.
Virtual Companion
This is closer to the job posting that was turned down by fiverr.com. People pay to have online companions. They may be sounding boards or just be there to allow you to get off steam. A successful virtual companion is the person that has established firm parameters of the relationship yet manages to ‘cross over’ that line in the eyes of the person doing the hiring to become what that person might call a friend.
Virtual Sexual companion
This is one of the most lucrative aspects of using chatting apps to connect with people and they pay good money. The whole package goes beyond chatting to include visual elements. It is quite strong on the visual elements but what separates it from the ‘traditional’ red-light district kind of jobs is that they add conversations, an ability to build a virtual relationship.
The future of chatting for hire
There are platforms that specialize in providing subscription chatting service where people pay to chat with models. Others use the traditional chatting apps like Skype, Google Hangout and Snapchat (strange that we should list Snapchat as traditional) i.e. chatting apps that do not provide specialized services and setup a means of payment with their clients.
As for the near-future of chatting for hire, more traditional jobs could move in to using chat apps, following the footsteps of the adult industry (they tend to always be ahead of the curve as it concerns adoption of new technologies) to establish a paying means of using them.
Consultancy Services
Consultants can incorporate a subscription payment model to establish a relationship with clients. The beauty of this is that in can be in just about any field:
  • A lawyer may decide to provide a very affordable means of providing legal advice to subscribing clients. 

  • A doctor may also do the same thing 
  •  A social media consultant can set up a chat for hire system that would have those that signup pay a subscription fee (one-time or regularly) for consultations
  • A home security agency can do the same thing
All you need to do is customize it to fit your field, make it more affordable than the traditional means of contracting you and you have another branch or stream of income
Another thing with this is that you can leverage on this to earn in other areas.

  • ·         You could use it to sell your books

  • ·         Get more people to sign up for one seminar or the other

  • ·         Have another platform where you can introduce one product or the other

  • ·         Build your authority and increase the size of your network

Opportunities to leverage on existing and new technologies in new ways will always keep the internet fresh.