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What’s Up With wattpad.com?

Okay, the site is a great concept, for the creators. The site could have a better impact for the users. And by the users, I am talking specifically about “professional” writers.
It is great for online readers and those who are looking at the dream of becoming writers. If this is just about them then they have a playground where they can have as much fun as they want.
For the professional writer, the people behind wattpad should be looking at ways of adding more value to their wattpad experience.
If I was given an opportunity to send questions to the people behind wattpad... I would add these to it:

  • ·         List the values a professional writer will have on your platform should they sign up today

  • ·         Look at those values critically and answer these sub-questions

                                I.            Do they make direct cash from your platform?
                              II.            If they make indirect cash, how many steps away from your platform do they have to take it to translate into their bank account (See Principle of Indirect Cash for Online Platforms or MakingProfit for Your Platform through Indirect Cash for Members)?
                            III.            Is there a really proactive thing you do that gives them an extra mileage in terms of exposure?
                            IV.            What is the unique thing about your platform that adds real value to the professional writer that they cannot get anywhere else?

A ready and defensive answer might be that there is hardly any platform on the internet dedicated to writers that has any unique selling preposition.
This is a lie and the question should serve as a challenge to create things that will keep you at the forefront of providing something unique to the professional or full-time writer.
The people behind wattpad.com have to put on their thinking caps and create something for full-time writers that go beyond the basic provision of creating an avenue for direct fan interaction and contribution.
Social interactive tools and platforms is not a dime a dozen. Platforms such as wattpad.com should do well to think out of the box so that they could be able to create tools that will add to the user experience of professional writers on their platform

Point of Emphasis
Nothing beats direct monetary compensation. The only thing that comes closer is indirect monetary value that is about 1 or at most 2 steps away. Another issue that will catch the eye of the professional writer is a platform that can provide social interaction and exposure that goes beyond the norm. Think about this; most platforms now integrate standard social media but what most end up doing is using the social network of the user to ‘push’ the user’ material. 
Do you not think it would be a great idea if a platform can build a powerful social media reach and then push people like such professional writers through them?