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Google vs Amazon: The War Moves to Tabs

Google is a big player in the cyber-world and there seems to be nothing stopping them from expanding into more areas.
Nexus 7 from Google is seen at the time of release as the best of tablets in its peer group. The only other tablet in this group is Amazon's Kindle Fire. The seems to be a response to an ongoing battle between these two giants.

Brief History
Who shot the first salvo of the tab war between Google and Amazon? While you might think that Google's Nexus 7 is a clear indication that they were the ones to go into Amazon territory, this may be far from the truth.
It was clearly Amazon that flew their bomber into Google airspace and indeed dropped the first bomb in this war.

The Android 'Rip off'
When Amazon released the Kindle. It ran on what you could call an 'Android'. You could call it an 'Android' but it was not exactly an Android but an offshoot of it. The Android is pretty much Google territory. It is in fact one of the success stories of Google that they will always beam about.

And everybody that is into Android pays homage to Google in real terms because the get some kind of cut in what ever money is being made.

But Android has what is termed 'Open Source'. That is, it has something that is not tied to any single company and people can use it to do or create anything without paying homage through licensing or any other means to anybody. This is exactly what Amazon did. Rather than take on Google's Android, they went for the open source so Google is not getting a dime as such from the hugely successful Kindle line from Amazon. This was the first salvo that was fired by Amazon in Google 'territory'.

The Empire Strikes Back
Google's response was the Nexus 7. Now they had already started showing signs that they were preparing and actually intended invading Amazon territory with the books and all but Nexus 7 is more like D-Day. But Google could argue that this was a response and a preemptive strike at Amazon with the way they started with Kindle and the Android stuff showed that they really had plans to move in on Google.

And Amazon has taken another step either in response to Google's Nexus 7 or in affirmation to Google's 'allegation' that they already had plans to move in on their territory.

Nexus 7
Amazon Buys up UpNext
UpNext is a company that deals in 3D mapping. Mapping is a service that the Nexus 7 will provide through Google Maps. Amazon's Kindle Fire can't even show maps, yet they bought UpNext.

This only means that they have started going for functions and the next generation of Kindles would be map-capable. And if they would be map-capable, it also means that they might go for full native functionality rather than depending on the Android market.
kindle Fire

The battle line was drawn long ago and things are playing out nicely. The battle between Google and Amazon has now moved into Amazon territory with the Kindle Fire beings challenged by Google's Nexus 7. This is a movie franchise so prepare yourself for more sequels.