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Yahoo sucks, Yahoo sucks.

This is simply the worst free email service available out there. And to think that they are one of the founding members of the internet email service!

Non Existent Customer Care
Have you ever tried sending a mail or complaint to a Yahoo customer care 'officer'? Well good luck with the search. You will be taking from one page to the other only to come to a dead end and a dawning; Yahoo can't be contacted. They don't have anyone you can send a mail to and get an immediate auto-response that your issues are being addressed.

Poor or Non Existent Mobile Accessibility
I used to access my Yahoomail from my handheld, until recently.

For a couple of months now, any attempt to access it brings up a page that tells you to find the nearest desktop and try it from there. Shame! Shame!

It works from the desktop but go back to the handheld and the same Sorry Page comes up advising you to try using a desktop. What is wrong with "you people"? Its official; Yahoo sucks!

I have tried everything from cleaning out the cookies to removing pushed content but Yahoo really sucks.

Please Avoid Secret Questions!!!
Picture this. You are told to have at least two secret questions (this is Yahoo's attempt to catch up with the rest that have left them behind but just continue). So you pick something simple for you but difficult for another, like your favorite high school teacher's name (or the one you hated the most or the football coach).
You try to access your box and you are told to supply the name of that teacher. You enter the name. Result?

" Blah blah, answer did not match what we blah blah"

I mean, you should know your mother's middle name! But maybe your memory has been zapped and your middle name (that happens to be your most carefully kept secret) has been extracted from your mind and replaced, so you begin to throw in names and different variations of it!

Don't give three "wrong" answers or else your account will be blocked for 12 hours. Yahoo sucks.

And all this while you are trying to at least talk to someone but Yahoo is a matrix that is being run by machines so you can never find a human soul around except when another executive is being fired (that's when you realize they actually have humans running this thing). Yahoo sucks.

Wrong Alternate Email
This is another head scratching moment. Try to use another means to get round the secret questions dilemma like you forgot your password or something till you are taken to a page where
Selective Service
They do not have across the board service. This is why some of the things up there may be strange to some because they are in a "prime" country so Yahoo makes sure they send in humans to deal with them. But those that are in "The Colony" have to deal with robots and they don't make them as they used to. Yahoo Sucks. Yahoo Sucks. Yahoo. Sucks

Poor service. You are the most rotten email service of the first generation that is still in existence. You have taken the boardroom instability into where it matters most; service delivery. Maybe you should scrap your email service altogether, just as you scrapped your Briefcase Service within your mail service (fools! Would this not have been an ideal time to seamlessly upgrade that into a "skydrive' service? But there is no Briefcase to upgrade is there? Fools!).
Its official; Yahoomail Sucks.

Someone should tell them to recalibrate their matrix so that they can have a contact form and an auto-responder. It might be too much to ask of them to even have humans at the other end to address the issue. Yahoo sucks.