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Principle of Indirect Cash for Online Platforms or Making Profit for Your Platform through Indirect Cash for Members

What is website member indirect cash earning? It is a way users of an online platform earn money not from the site directly but because they use or are members of the platform.
A good example of an indirect cash earning system is the ones adopted by online platforms such as Triond.com and Hubpages when they post user’ content on their platform and the users earn through Google. That is, the website/online platform does not pay you directly but you are earning cash via a third party for using that online platform to post content as it applies in this case.
While this is a common practise with content publishing site, the indirect cash earning system is not confined to such platforms and does not have to be. Any platform can devise a means through which its members earn indirect cash.

One glaring benefit of this method is that it gives user’ a great reason to either sign up with your platform or stick around. Any platform, i.e. any platform that can create an indirect means of earning cash for their users even as they use their website will not stop growing. The platform creator that wants to see his or her website flourish will do well to look into how it can create an indirect means of earning cash for its users.
Nothing beats the direct means of earning cash, which means you or your platform pays its user’ directly but not every website is set up to create such direct income. In fact, many websites do everything but create income for its users and the users themselves are not complaining because they are not expecting them to or because they know the value they are getting from the platform.
Having said that nothing beats direct earning from a website, it is however important to note that the indirect means of earning cash for members f your platform gives you less stress in the area of managing how it works. You are a middleman connecting two entities and this simplifies it for you.

Steps Away
How many steps does your website member have to take them to earn the said cash? The less number of steps they have to take, the better it is for your platform.
Standard content publishing websites like Triond and Hubpages have just one-step between their members and the indirect cash they earn for using their platform. All they have to do is to connect to their Google Adsense account or any other they put up and their members will start earning.
A website like wattpad also has indirect cash earning potential but it is more than one-step away.

  • ·        -Readers have to read you published work

  • ·         They may then decide to buy it

  • ·         They have to get to where it is available for sale because they cannot do this directly from wattpad
We are already looking at 3 steps and nothing is guaranteed from the second step. This is unlike that of Triond and Hubpages. But I have been mentioning Triond and Hubpages for a while now but this does not mean that any platform cannot serve indirect means of earning cash for their members.The initiative lies on the platform owner to look at what they have on ground and look at how they can make their members to start earning in multiple ways. The closer their earning is connected to their use of the platform, the more profitable it would be for it.