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Best Way to Get Rid of All Those Annoying Facebook Notifications

Best Way to Get Rid of All Those Annoying Facebook Notifications

Okay; you have signed up on Facebook and are enjoying it. You are not like those who love to hate but can't do without it. There is however a slight problem; the notifications are really clogging up your email and is downright annoying.

Reason Why it is Annoying
Defeated Purpose
1. They are meant to notify you of what your 'friends' are up to and who posted on your wall or sent you a message. But the really annoying thing is that you already know this because you log on straight to Facebook anyways. And you don't really log on to your mail box to check your Facebook notifications but to check other stuffs.
So there is really no need for the notifications in the first place since you are almost always on Facebook anyways.

Your Important Emails Get Lost in the Crowd
2. There that sense of relief and satisfaction when you open your email box to get a long awaited mail and find it there just waiting to be clicked. This is why it can really be annoying when you open that email all because of the daily and even hourly Facebook notifications, all you see at first glance are just that; Facebook notifications. Your mail gets 'lost' in the whole set up and you actually have to squint your eyes and search for it. This is annoying.

 Marking and Deleting is Pure Torture
3. 600 mails! And when you look at the very first page of your email 99% of what you see are just Facebook notifications.  So you start the tedious journey of deleting the mails by checking the empty box in front of them and then clicking the delete tab. The page refreshes and another set of 99% Facebook notifications stares at you in the face like fresh set of zombies slowly coming towards you with the slow but deliberately intent of getting hold of you and sinking their rotten teeth into fresh flesh. And there is just no killing them because the more you delete, the more you see and while you are yet deleting more Facebook notifications are coming in. This is more than annoying; its torture.

What is that?
It's a bird!
No! It’s a plane!
No! It's mimisitereview!!

Okay; here is the plan to get rid of those Facebook notifications once and for all while still enjoying your Facebook time. But I will be right back with the solution after this commercial break....

(Commercial break...just think of your favorite commercial)

And we are back!

Follow this instructions carefully, do not do any other thing besides what you are about to read. It is a secret that has worked magic for me. It is the best thing to have happened since coke was invented. It is...

1: Check the latest Facebook notification you received.

2. Okay; check the first 10 so that you will cover all the different formats of Facebook notification.

3. To be on the really safe side; check all the Facebook notifications on the very first email box page.

Next Move
-Do not click on delete. Click on Mark/Report Spam.

-Did you get that? CLICK ON MARK/REPORT SPAM

Your spam filter will start sending every Facebook notification to the spam box henceforth.

Freedom, fresh air, independence.

You can now enjoy your Facebook time in peace and your email box won't suffer for it.

*Yes. I use it when checking sites out. Register and afterwards spammed their emails and everything goes there leaving my main box free.

I also tried it with Facebook and their notifications disappeared.

Occasionally, a notification might go unnoticed under the spam radar and you would find it in you main mail box sitting all nice and pretty. Don't allow it to feel relaxed, mark it as spam.

* This worked on Yahoo! And Gmail, and Hotmail. I believe it will work on any good email service that has a solid spam filter mechanism in place.

Follow the instruction above and you will be free of the Facebook notification plague.