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3 Reasons Why People Shy Away From Opening A Twitter Account

Left Behind Complex

I missed the bus. The air flight is full. All spaces have been taken. They are having so much fun, why should I spoil it for them. The left behind complex anchors your feet (fingers really) from clicking that Sign Up tab.
Even if you eventually sign up, the left behind mentality might just make you to look like the person that came late to the company party and looked for in inconspicuous corner to hide until it was a politically correct time to make an exit. So you just you hear people say, I do have a twitter account but I am not an active user.

Building From Scratch

Filling your twitter space is daunting. These are the two ways people make a hash of things and both are equally frustrating.
One Way
Follow established and highly impersonal twitter accounts. Like the accounts of banks, newspapers, conglomerates etc.
The other Way
Follow the stars. Yes, they feel more ‘personal’ than following monolithic companies. Besides, you can easily immerse yourself with whatever it is that is going on in their lives. Of course, it will do you a lot better if you can follow stars who and by nature of what they do, are more interactive than others (comedians, social commentators etc)
Both ways are still a cover up. The fact remains that building from scratch and creating a real twitter social community is too daunting a task. It is something that takes time, like the relationship between wine and time. And time is something you never had, which takes you back to the left behind complex.

Simply Complex

Twitter is so easy. Yeah, right. What is hashtag? What is the difference between...I do not even know enough to ask an intelligent sounding question. And it is embarrassing Googling up “how to use twitter”. It is simple alright, it is simply complex

Quit the Doomsday Attitude; how can I really overcome early Twitter Jitters?

If you leave things as they are, more people will shy away from twitter and those that join will take too much of a time to come out of their shell. But is there any way that this can be helped?

Take it like the physical social world. It is a new place right?

Go as a group

Even if none of you know anything about the club (sorry, Twitter) or have never been there before, going as a group allows all of you to draw confidence from each other –or laugh at/with each other, which is a cool way of feeling at home in a new environment. You guys get to follow each other, create your own community and build your confidence in a new environment together.

Ask someone that knows to Accompany You

Yes, just like going to a new place. Having a guide that is conversant with the place will quickly put you at ease. You become part of his/her network and gently introduce you to ‘real’ people. You can find your way from there.

Twitter could become a dying network if more people feel left behind, think it too hard to start from scratch or feel they will not be able to wrap their heads round the lingo. No pressure on them then.