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Faithwriters.com: Don't SIgn Up Unless You Have read This

Read this before signing up with faithwriters.com
I have known about this site going to five years now and it is an online content publishing platform that is unique in that they have a peculiar way of making money that is different from other content publishing site. The really peculiar thing about this is that rather than fold up, they have somehow been making a success out of their platform even though this money making strategy should ordinarily backfire since it doesn't really favor the content provider....MORE

Publisher Unfriendly Content Publishing sites: Some Of The Worst

The main criteria that we used is the content provider reward system that has been adopted by these sites and their means of payout. Some of the worst online content publishing sites have the most lopsided reward system in place or have a very narrow corridor of payment options available.
These content publishing sites have some of the most unfair policies found in the online content publishing segment as far as it has to do with the content publisher.  There are some that it has even be alleged in some quarters to be frauds but we are not saying so of the few are looking at closely.
This write up will benefit three categories of individuals. The first are online content providers who are looking for profitable content publishing sites to use as a platform. This will serve as a pointer to where they should or shouldn't go or what they should be aware of.
The second set of people are those who are interested in creating their own online content publishing platform. A peep into some of the worst online content publishing sites will give them a clue or two into how not to set up their own structure. The final set of individuals this articles on some of the worst online publishing content publishing sites will help are the sites themselves. They might just decide to take another look into their platform and see how they can tweak it to perform better.....MORE

paybox.com: debit card project

paybox are preparing to have there own debit card program. It will first be tested in house and those that participate will  have another oppurtunity to stack up their paybox dollars. up until now they have been open and do appear to be honest but i am still watching.
NB i got stuck trying to upload an item on payshop.....but I'll try again and keep you posted.Click here is you want to check out the site

freelancer.com: scams within the system

Don"t place a bid unless you have read this!
I took time out to go through the freelancer.com site and it is a very profitable site for freelancers to get jobs. it is also a site that is riddled with bogey job posts that are meant to trick the bidder into doing jobs that the won't be paid a dime for.
i took time to compile a list of things which i call red flags that will serve as a warning to any bidder. The more of these red flags you see within a project that is posted, the more likely it is that the project is a scam......MORE

Paybox.me: Real or a hoax?

at this stage it doesn't really matter if it's real or a hoax i.e. as long as you have not been ripped off. The good thing with them is that they appear to be very upfront about what they are are trying to do. They are building up membership base and they want you to get involved.
Now they want to create another online payment solution and this is an area any ardent internet follower will subscribe to, seeing that those available seems to have reached an optimal state in which they don't want to add anything to or go beyond.
and they are looking at a realistic time line i.e something next year but it could be early if they reach a critical mass of some 2 million members. What they are looking for right now are active members who will test run their platform for them. I am about loading up an item on Payshop.com to see how it goes.
You will be compensated with some cash rewards but you can't withdraw them as at yet. The fear might be that they are just taking people for a ride but the good news is that you don't have much to loose, especially when all you have to do is spend as little as five minutes on the platform performing one task or the other like trying out something specific and giving them a feedback.
If you want to give them a look see.....more