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This is a review of another multi-level (?) system that "guarantees" money to those who join. There is a gaping hole in this system even though they might claim that they are delivering on their promise. This review is based on what was said of BMID on fastecash.com. You can get it here
Imagine you meet a man at the door of a warehouse. The warehouse is empty and the man tells you "if you bring one person here, he or she will pay $29 dollars to enter. Once they do, I’ll give you $20 dollars and keep just $9 dollars". Great offer, right? So you go get one person and true to type, the man counts $20 dollars out of the money paid for entry and drops it with you. Now you are encouraged and there is a zing to your steps as you go all out to get people to come to this empty warehouse. They too here your pitch and before long, you and others are stacking up multiples of $20. This must be heaven; right?
Then the empty warehouse has another section that is partitioned. You make to enter but that same man tells you that you will need to pay him $119 to get into this section of the warehouse. This section is also empty but you get to keep $100 for every person you bring into this section. You will not need much prodding to push those you brought to the first section to come into this new section and they too will want to do same. Now you are stacking up Benjamins. Great, right?
By now, you must have been making some "serious" money but it is not over; there is another partitioned section in that empty warehouse. This time, you get to keep $200. You have earned enough and by this time, you have become a believer. This is also an empty section but you already know how this works. You take the step and viola; you are now stacking up multiple Benjamins!

Can you tell me what is wrong with the portrait we just painted above? So many things will blind you to it and they are colored green. You are making money so nothing matters; right?
The thing that is wrong with the picture above is that the factory was empty when you came in and so was every new section. You were filling an empty warehouse with people, but what exactly are they coming to do there? Nothing. They too are bringing in more people but they are all coming to do nothing.

If this was a stadium, it will give you a better picture of the failure of this system. If this was a stadium, people referring others will eventually get to ask what will happen when the stadium gets full. The point here is the source of income is getting people into the warehouse, which is the system. However, the critical failure is that the getting people into the warehouse and earning by getting them in should just be the first level of income whether it is divided into 3 stages or not. The whole system should be anchored into something that gives it more meaning beyond getting people in. The people should be coming in to do something, which of course should also create income and wealth for them.

Based on this, you can see how stupid everyone will look once they enter this empty warehouse with people everywhere and they begin to wonder, what are they doing here or should they not be doing something. It is still an empty warehouse and the fact that it is filled with people makes it embarrassingly more so.

It is all about getting people in
The key area of activity is at the gate
Nothing is inside
Get something doing inside
It should also create more wealth
The potential to earn and what to earn once inside should be more than what they pay at the gates ($29, $119 and $229). And in this way, getting them to pay the "gate fee" will be a soft sell.

They made it to look like a system that is not fully developed. It looks rushed and not properly thought out because there is nothing really happening when they do get inside. Yet this is an opportunity for them to do something amazing. They can go back to their situation room and think up how they can add value beyond what they are already doing. If they can fill that warehouse with another source of generating income that surpasses what they get from the "gate fee", members will go gaga.

The actual website did a better job of selling a software combo that was hardly given a mention by the person that talked about it on the fastechash platform. It may be that he or she was concentrating on the benefit i.e. what they will earn for getting people into the empty warehouse, thinking that they will be more interested in the multi-level marketing where bringing in new members ensures they earn rather than talk about what they will get once they come into the system. Whatever the case, they could have done a better job of deepening the value of this platform they were selling.