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cheap labor and exploitation at freelancer.com

I have nothing against the idea of freelancer.com but there are somethings going on in the site that are not so pleasant. in the next couple of posts we will be highlighting some of these things. And if you want to use the site to either get jobs or outsource your work, you can go here and read this ebook that specifically gives deep insights detailing some of the things you should be cautious of before doing anything that will involve you giving out money or doing a job at freelancer.com.
But the thing we want to highlight today are those who use freelancer.com to exploit job seekers or freelancers who are looking for some honest work. to a certain degree, we have to say that freelancer.com has to be more proactive in this area....MORE

Make Easy Money On Triond.com With Article Rewriting

This is a very easy way of making money online with article rewriting using some of these content publishing sites.
Your level of expertise does not need to be high on anything as such, the only thing you really need is to be very good with words. Since this is my site review blog, we will be looking at making money online through article rewriting using triond.com. There are other sites but this is the one we will be focussing on......MORE

How To Make 1000 Paybox Dollars In 4 Weeks

I am still on my review of this site and like I promised, this is an update.
I just hit the $1000(one thousand paybox dollars) mark this week with paybox.me - in about 4 weeks of active participation. Below is a complete review of how I went about it.
NB( every thing we talked about earlier about paybox.me still holds. This is not a clear endorsement about their validity but like we said before at this juncture, you don't really have anything to loose if it's a hoax and every thing to gain if it's real. With this premise in mind and as an independent site reviewer, I would still say that it makes more sense to join now than not to)
To hit the $1000 paybox dollars mark, the first thing I did was to sign up and I will recommend that you do this first before we go on....sign up here, then let's take a step by step into how i made $1000......MORE