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Paybox.me: Real or a hoax?

at this stage it doesn't really matter if it's real or a hoax i.e. as long as you have not been ripped off. The good thing with them is that they appear to be very upfront about what they are are trying to do. They are building up membership base and they want you to get involved.
Now they want to create another online payment solution and this is an area any ardent internet follower will subscribe to, seeing that those available seems to have reached an optimal state in which they don't want to add anything to or go beyond.
and they are looking at a realistic time line i.e something next year but it could be early if they reach a critical mass of some 2 million members. What they are looking for right now are active members who will test run their platform for them. I am about loading up an item on Payshop.com to see how it goes.
You will be compensated with some cash rewards but you can't withdraw them as at yet. The fear might be that they are just taking people for a ride but the good news is that you don't have much to loose, especially when all you have to do is spend as little as five minutes on the platform performing one task or the other like trying out something specific and giving them a feedback.
If you want to give them a look see.....more