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How To Make 1000 Paybox Dollars In 4 Weeks

I am still on my review of this site and like I promised, this is an update.
I just hit the $1000(one thousand paybox dollars) mark this week with paybox.me - in about 4 weeks of active participation. Below is a complete review of how I went about it.
NB( every thing we talked about earlier about paybox.me still holds. This is not a clear endorsement about their validity but like we said before at this juncture, you don't really have anything to loose if it's a hoax and every thing to gain if it's real. With this premise in mind and as an independent site reviewer, I would still say that it makes more sense to join now than not to)
To hit the $1000 paybox dollars mark, the first thing I did was to sign up and I will recommend that you do this first before we go on....sign up here, then let's take a step by step into how i made $1000......MORE